Optimize data management with flexible state-of-the art cloud solutions

At Modus, we know data and offer a complete spectrum of Information Governance and eDiscovery services to protect and future-proof your data management.​

Make your data work for you

Exploding growth of data stored across multiple devices and in the cloud is presenting new challenges to today’s organizations: from controlling storage costs, to balancing access and security, to complying with numerous regulations, to completing eDiscovery requests efficiently. But vast amounts of knowledge also offer new opportunities to get valuable insights and optimize productivity.

Mitigate Risk

Champion compliance. Protect sensitive information

Optimize data management

Take control of your data, improve data quality and leverage data for insights to drive your business forward.

Simplify discovery

From internal discovery, to legal and regulatory e-discovery requests, keep your data organized and ready to present.

Reduce cost

Optimize data to reduce storage costs, organize knowledge to decrease employee effort, and maintain compliance to avoid unnecessary fines and legal fees.

Maximize productivity

Reduce the time it takes to organize, find and use the knowledge across your organization.

Enjoy unmatched flexibility

Get state-of-the-art secure cloud scalability and flexible pricing structure.

we meet you where you're at

Leverage flexible data management solutions

Whether you are looking for an audit, need a comprehensive information governance solution, or want to empower your internal data management team with the right strategy, Modus can help. We’ll get you started, or pick up where you left off. Count on us to “stop the bleeding”, establish a long-term information governance strategy, put together a prioritized action plan and work with you to execute it.

Do you know your data?

Stats about data

Business meeting

say goodbye to outdated platforms

Stop using expensive, disjointed eDiscovery platforms

Complete eDiscovery projects quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively. With Modus, you get flexible, scalable, secure solutions backed by a responsive team of experts – for less. 

Need eDiscovery now?

Fast, secure, cost-effective eDiscovery backed by our world-class team.

Who our products help

Solutions For All Organizations

Corporate Solutions

Protect your company, optimize productivity, get more value out of your data and streamline ediscovery.

Government Solutions

Govern vast volumes of data securely with a modern, FedRAMP certified platform, and manage cases and investigations with ease.

Solutions for Law Firms

Deliver better client results within deadlines, ensure compliance, and simplify complex legal work.

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It: Meet Legal. Legal: Meet IT.

Forge a powerful connection between Legal and IT - and achieve more for your business

Is your organization missing a critical connection between legal and IT? With Modus, you now have the expertise for both Legal and IT teams to have a direct point of contact for immediate help with searching techniques, process efficiencies, troubleshooting and solution best practices. Modus’ certified engineers and licensed legal staff will provide remote assistance answering technical and legal eDiscovery questions associated with your eDiscovery solutions and processes! 


What Our Clients Say

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John Doe
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John Doe
Company & Title
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John Doe
Company & Title

Discover Modus

Data expertise meets business reality

Rules are changing. Litigation is getting more complex. Your organization’s reliance on data is reaching critical mass. To succeed, you need someone who knows data. At Modus, data management is in our DNA.

Partner with a relationship-driven data management company that leverages a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and industry veterans. We’ve been in your shoes – as business leaders, CIOs/CTOs, general counsel, and cybersecurity experts. We know the challenges you are facing because we’ve lived through them ourselves. It is this empathy that drives our commitment to provide you with the most effective solutions and to make each information governance or eDiscovery partnership a stunning success. Modus brings together people, processes, and technology in concert to help clients with compliance and eDiscovery challenges.

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