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Optimize your information governance budget, maximize data security, modernize workflow, remove silos, and stay compliant with less effort. ​

Data governance is here and now

Data privacy compliance is already actively enforced and without a strategic information governance program it's only a matter of time before your organization gets in trouble.

Information governance is not a project, it's a culture

Setting up an information governance program and meeting compliance requirements is an important step but not the only step. You need a formal culture strategy and user adoption to stay ahead of the regulations.

Tools alone are not enough

You need a knowledgeable team to help you navigate and adapt to the changing requirements to stay compliant.

Protect your company, your people, and your reputation.

Reduce risk and ensure compliance with a suite of data governance tools and processes - customized for you.

Never Lose Important Data

Seamlessly Manage Access

Protect Your IP And Prevent Leaks

Avoid Legal And Financial Headaches Of Non-Compliance

Why look for needles in a haystack when you can have less hay?

Make finding your data easier so you can better protect it

Data visibility and data protection don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Discover every piece of data across cloud, devices, and communication channels. Can’t find something? We know where your data is hiding and will help you cull data confidently so the right information is easier to locate. 

Storage cabinet with file folders
GDPR pulled up on a laptop

keep up with changing compliance regulations

Don't get stuck with massive fines or legal action

To maintain compliance with a growing number of the ever-changing privacy and cyber security laws, you need a robust suite of tools and an expert team quarterbacking you every step of the way. At Modus, we are a group of legal, cybersecurity, and data experts with experience in a wide array of industries, ready to help you establish a proactive information governance program tailored to your organization.

know what you can delete

Save money by only keeping what's important

Know what data you have, simplify storage policies, and streamline deletion. Leverage Modus legal and data experts to prioritize which documents must be kept and which can be discarded. Put thousands of dollars back into your budget. (You’re welcome.) Sleep well knowing nobody deleted anything important.

Computer Server

give access to those who need it

Skyrocket productivity

Let us help you find the perfect balance between promoting user accessibility and preventing user breach.

Make every piece of data universally searchable and maximize data visibility and transparency while maintaining user-based access levels. Empower your people to instantly see everything they need – and only what they need and share knowledge effortlessly. Improve communication and boost innovation in your organization.

You don't have to start from scratch

Bring all your data together or keep it decentralized. Modus tools allow you to search and filter knowledge across channels in seconds, no matter where it's stored

COVID-19 accelerated decentralization of data. With so many employees working remotely, your data may be scattered on multiple company and employee devices. This poses a huge risk to your organization. Now it is more important than ever to establish an information governance strategy that will enable you to find, identify and protect your data regardless of where it lives.

we aren't meeting standards, we're pioneering them

Enjoy unmatched security with next generation technology – without the cost burden

Data security is at the core of everything we do. Leveraging AWS and customized technology, we are able to manage data on architectures that provide customers with optimal pricing, performance, and access capabilities. 

Amazon Web Services (AWS) invests over $50 Billion in capital investments annually to ensure we continue to have access to the most advanced technology in existence. At Modus, our AWS partnership allows us to choose the technology advancements that will benefit your organization – without having to pass costs to you.

Enabling your ability to significantly scale up and down resources usually requires substantial investments in infrastructure and increases your rates. At Modus, we can scale our compute, storage and network capabilities at Amazon Web Services in an almost unlimited manner without needing to increase your rates. We pay only for what we use and so do you. ​

Due to the global capabilities built into the AWS infrastructure, Modus can quickly replicate our services at locations around the globe.

The quality and efficiency of your e-discovery is in direct proportion to the quality and efficiency of your information governance.

Steven Horan, CEO

save time & money in the long run

Make e-discovery a breeze with proactive data governance

Effortlessly respond to e-discovery requests by managing your data proactively. Take advantage of our long track record in e-discovery to get insight into information governance. Be litigation-ready at a moment’s notice and reduce workload and stress for both legal and IT. Provide your management and compliance functions with the ability to satisfy their due diligence in monitoring the expansive amounts of information across your company. Tap the Modus’ team of legal and data experts anytime for additional support.

This isn't our first rodeo

Leverage a proven information governance process

Save time, reduce data storage and management costs, and streamline data access with an effective information governance strategy – tailored to your organization.

Information Governance Process Infographic

make your data work for you

Get more value out of your data

Know what you have and avoid duplicating your efforts. Effortlessly share data across workstations, departments, and offices. Connect sales, marketing, accounting, HR and operations to optimize cross-functional workflow. Create a knowledge base to streamline internal discovery and get internal projects off the ground faster.

streamline internal communications

Make things easier for everyone, everywhere

Man with security pulled up on his laptop

Use seamlessly scalable solutions to manage data globally. Simplify remote work by enabling secure data access from anywhere.

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