Modus Data Regulator™

Modus Data Regulator™ helps organizations examine their files in order to refine and enforce identity-based storage policies, find and purge unnecessary data, and reduce their attack surface with a proper Data Access Governance framework.




Are you addressing your data's health?

Just as poor personal health choices can make you ill and recovery difficult, not addressing your data’s health with proper care can have a tremendous impact when trauma strikes!

Not taking action has serious consequences

Who has access to your data?

of company's folders on average are properly protected​
0 %
of all sensitive files are accessible to all employees
0 %
of companies found 1,000,000+ files open to every employee
0 %
of data breaches involve internal actors
0 %

We can help you manage your data

Data Regulator™ helps organizations manage large quantities of data with tools to measure, classify, and assess the content on their file servers. With Data Regulator™, sensitive documents can be quickly discovered and secured for compliance. 

Why choose Modus?

Unlike other SaaS products, Modus is backed by a team of IT and legal specialists equipped to handle your most complicated information governance issues. We aren’t just selling a software, we are creating a partnership. Our team of specialists work side by side with your team to implement and executive Modus Data Regulator™. Prefer we handle it all for you? No problem. Just hands the keys and we’ll get you where you need to be. 

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