Open Source Data Archiving

Keep valuable data secure and accessible without taking up expensive primary resources.


When evaluating information archiving solutions whether for storage management, for regulatory compliance or litigation, the question of using cloud email archiving or on-premises archiving is often brought up. Let Modus help you evaluate the various pros and cons of both solutions. Understand that there’s no one size fits all answer and that the better option for you depends on your current situation.

Data Sources

We’ve developed an extensive list of data connectors and are always working on expanding it, so we’ll soon be able to extend that promise to repositories. With Modus, connect to all your data to preserve, search & audit it in-place, whether it’s located on SMB/CIFS, Exchange, Exchange Online, Office 365, SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, File Shares, Egnyte, Box for Business, or more...

Open Platform

Modus archives are built using a vendor-neutral, open XML file format—designed with long-term compatibility and data ownership in mind. You own your data!!! Whether on-premises or in the cloud Modus archives will never involve egress fees or complex processes to access your own data!

Start with a data assessment

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