Modus Data Auditor™

Modus Data Auditor™ helps organizations archive, classify, and manage their unstructured data.

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Are you vulnerable to data breaches & phishing scams?

With the popularity of cloud technologies and the use of more business applications than ever before, unstructured data is growing at an exponential rate in size and locations where it’s stored. This causes a variety of security, privacy, and compliance challenges. Most companies lack an efficient means of auditing their unstructured data, so the task oftens falls by the wayside. Modus Data Auditor™ & our team of specialists can help.  

Not taking action has serious consequences

Are you at risk?*

0 %
of organizations experienced spear phishing attempts in 2019
0 %
of company's folders on average are properly protected​
0 %
of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error
0 Billion
records were exposed via data breaches in the first half of 2020​

*Statistics from

How can Modus Data Auditor™ help?

Email Retraction

The low level of technical elements in phishing emails makes them very challenging to intercept for Email Security Solutions. This feature adds a level of security ensuring that malicious communications making it to employee mailboxes can be retracted and deleted in a few clicks, or even pushed back after review if harmless.

Compliance Automation

Complying with privacy laws is streamlined for organizations letting our automated tools perform the work. AI-based automatic classification significantly reduces false positives allowing for automated remediation to be put in place once systems are trained. This ensures zero-day compliance, and significantly reduces risk.

Security Automation

Choose to receive actionable regular reports or let Modus take action automatically to remediate issues with the non-complaint information stored across your organization. Move from reactive audits to real-time visibility and actions.

Modus Data Auditor™ integrates the entire team.

Assign rights and permissions to Audit Managers.

Create cases, track, manage, edit, export, save, assign auditors and reviewers.


View, search, comment, tag, save, and export audits within cases assigned to them.

View, comment, tag and save within subsets of data assigned to them.

Search their personal archives and live mail.

Why choose Modus?

Unlike other SaaS products, Modus is backed by a team of IT and legal specialists equipped to handle your most complicated information governance issues. We aren’t just selling a software, we are creating a partnership. Our team of specialists work side by side with your team to implement and execute Modus Data Auditor™. Prefer we handle it all for you? No problem. Just hands the keys and we’ll get you where you need to be. 

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