Modus Data Litigator™

Modus Data Litigator™ enables you to simplify, accelerate, and bring eDiscovery in-house so you can make quicker decisions regarding litigation and settlements.




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The Changing e-Discovery Landscape

As volumes of data increase exponential, so does the complexity of e-Discovery.

In the changing digital landscape, e-Discovery requires more & more investment of human and budgetary resources. Traditional eDiscovery is unnecessarily expensive: all potentially relevant data needs to be copied & sent to be reviewed by an outside counsel, charging at an hourly rate or per megabyte. Apart from the risk of fines and sanctions due to missing, lost, or spoliated data, the true cost of eDiscovery such as the drain on corporate resources, lost productivity, and the expense of outsourcing it, can all directly influence an organization’s bottom line.

Modus Data Litigator™ Can Help

Data Litigator™ helps organizations manage large quantities of data with tools to measure, classify, and assess the content on their file servers. With Data Litigator™, sensitive documents can be quickly discovered and secured for compliance. 

Why choose Modus?

Unlike other SaaS products, Modus is backed by a team of IT and legal specialists equipped to handle your most complicated information governance issues. We aren’t just selling a software, we are creating a partnership. Our team of specialists work side by side with your team to implement and executive Modus Data Litigator™. Prefer we handle it all for you? No problem. Just hands the keys and we’ll get you where you need to be. 

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