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Modus brings together people, processes, and technology in concert to help you meet your Compliance and eDiscovery challenges.

Partner with a relationship-driven data management company that leverages a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and industry veterans. We’ve been in your shoes – as business leaders, CIOs/CTOs, general counsel, and cybersecurity experts. We know the challenges you are facing because we’ve lived through them ourselves. It is this empathy that drives our commitment to provide you with the most effective solutions and to make each information governance or eDiscovery partnership a stunning success.  Modus brings together people, processes, and technology in concert to help clients with compliance and eDiscovery challenges.

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Taking control of your data requires backend support. At Modus, we don’t simply offer eDiscovery and Information Governance software. Our team of data and legal experts deliver a tailored IG strategy and world-class advisory services, coupled with powerful software solutions to help you get the most out of your IG program. We also partner with you to open communication between key teams in your organization to make every data-related endeavor a successful team effort.

Managing your data allows you to find the right data at the right time, streamline workflows across departments, save money on storage and protect sensitive information. More importantly, your customers are starting to understand their data rights. You need to be ready to respond to data related requests at a moment’s notice while staying compliant with numerous, constantly changing privacy regulations. A successful Information Governance program effectively manages tools, processes, and most importantly, people in your organization to store, protect and share data. At Modus, we make proactive data management easy.

Information Governance shouldn’t be strictly IT-led, or strictly legal-led. To maximize results, you must involve both. Same is true for eDiscovery. At Modus, we empower IT and Legal to interact productively to achieve more for your business.

Proactive data governance enables organizations to streamline ediscovery. Simply put, data governance empowers you to take control of your data and know exactly what you have where, instead of scrambling to find it after an ediscovery request. At Modus, we can help you before, during and after litigation. Lean on us to make the process as stress-free, cost-effective and fast as possible. 

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Modus takes full advantage of the AWS information security capabilities to outpace the ever-growing threats to information security. We meet or exceed the highest standards for information security and have our compliance certified by both ISO and FedRAMP. You don’t need to wonder if your information is safe with Modus, you can sleep easy knowing your data is protected by the most advanced technologies available.

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