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Edge network

Modus Aggregator is an edge solution offering organizations the capability to securely control and centrally manage data flow from the edge to the cloud and the cloud to the edge. Built to connect the edge to cloud services, including across less-than-optimal network conditions.

Forensic collection

The forensic collection of potentially relevant materials is a critical early step in the eDiscovery process. Successful execution of a collection requires the maintenance of both forensic soundness and the chain of custody from source to production. Modus provides the experience needed to collect from today’s ever-multiplying range of sources.

Mobile Collection

Modus can assist with device and data preservation, analysis and reporting, allowing you to overcome geographic challenges and time constraints, while acquiring data in a defensible, forensically-sound way. Modus provides the only forensic collection platform to collect data from mobile devices and other sources, regardless of physical location or available network access.

Modus Solutions for Data Collection & Management

Modus Data Aggregator™

Modus Data LItigator™

Modus Data Regulator™

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