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Don't let frivolous data hurt your business

When's the last time you Marie Kondo'd your data?

Chances are, you don’t know what customer data you have, where it’s stored, or how it’s being used. It’s also likely that you are keeping data that is obsolete, redundant, or trivial. This data offers no value, yet it increases your storage costs and poses legal risk if discovered during litigation. Vast volumes of data take away from employee productivity, stunt innovation, and hinder your company’s growth. 

How long are you keeping files?

How secure are they?

Who has access?

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be proactive with information governance

Don't look for a needle in a hay stack, get rid of the hay.

Without an effective information governance policy, you not only risk performance and productivity, but open your company up to compliance risks, lawsuits, and fines. If/when your company faces a lawsuit, the ediscovery process will not only be long-winded, frustrating, and full of unpleasant surprises, it will be downright treacherous.

we worry about the details

Do you know how long you should keep your data? Do you know which data to keep and which to dispose of? We do.

We can help you classify data and establish deletion policies that reflect industry best practices and comply with the latest regulations.

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We can help you run a successful eDiscovery project.

Did you know?

of employees say that poor information management negatively affects their productivity
0 %
Number of files containing sensitive data at the average company
of employees reported finding relevant data as "easy"
0 %
of US employees who would hold a company responsible for loss of personal data (72% in UK)
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be proactive

Every eDiscovery project starts with Information Governance…

A customized information governance strategy allows you to optimize how knowledge is used across your entire business, prevents risk, maximizes your data storage budget, and empowers high performance. It also makes e-discovery a straightforward, hassle-free process.

Modus provides an integrative discipline for structuring, describing, and governing information assets across organizational and technical boundaries to improve efficiency, promote transparency, and enable business insights.

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Take worry out of compliance

From global privacy regulations to industry-specific requirements, compliance regulations are becoming complex and prevalent across different markets and industries. With so much unstructured data, your employees’ and clients’ personally identifiable information is vulnerable to breaches. You need to know your data in order to protect your data.

At Modus, we have the resources to help you track what personally identifiable information you have on your customers, partners, and employees, to store it securely, and to optimize data access to prevent threats and manage security risks.

We know what's up

Quality data = Quality intelligence

You rely on your data to make business decisions, but is your data reliable? Outdated intelligence is not only useless, but it can also hurt your business. A purposeful, goal driven data management strategy, coupled with smart technology, helps you maximize data quality. Feed your intelligence tools the right data to get accurate business insights.

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We are a team of Information Governance specialists and Legal experts intent on advising and assisting organizations to control their Electronically Stored Information (ESI) and associated eDiscovery processes. Modus brings together technology, people, and processes in concert to help you meet your compliance and eDiscovery challenges.

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