Modus Data Aggregator™

Modus Data Aggregator is a purpose-built edge solution to connect business data from remote locations to the most powerful cloud services, regardless of your data’s original format.




Is your data centrally managed and organized?

Data growth is exploding at the edge and in the cloud, and organizations are challenged daily to cohesively manage their data. Modus’ Data Aggregator™ solution is flexible enough to solve hurdles like variability in data location, network constraints, and disparate data formats.

Common Barriers to Organized Data

Do you know your data?

Industry influencers who cited data security as biggest challenge in moving to the public cloud
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of IT budgets will be directed towards edge computing solutions over the next three years
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Amount of data globally from IoT devices by 2025
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of organizations deploying IoT and edge solutions within the next 24 months
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We can help you control and manage your data

Modus Data Aggregator provides the capability to securely control and centrally manage data flow from the edge to the cloud and the cloud to the edge. Built on Apache NiFi, Aggregator leverages the power of open source software to enable a visual data flow interface using a library of templates for rapid setup and deployment. 

Why choose Modus?

Unlike other SaaS products, Modus is backed by a team of IT and legal specialists equipped to handle your most complicated information governance issues. We aren’t just selling a software, we are creating a partnership. Our team of specialists work side by side with your team to implement and execute Modus Data Aggregator™. Prefer we handle it all for you? No problem. Just hands the keys and we’ll get you where you need to be.

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