Early Case Assessment

Early case assessment solutions

The success of an eDiscovery project often hinges on the ability to reduce the data set at the early in the process. Such an Early Case Assessment (ECA) ultimately reduces the number of documents that must be processed and reviewed, shortening the project cycle time and minimizing project cost. Modus offers two options for Early Case Assessment: Our proprietary Modus 4CECA Solution and ECA as part of the VenioOne Integrated eDiscovery Platform

Manage entire eDiscovery lifecycle via one integrated, secure system

Comprehend data quickly and easily via enhanced visualization tools and reports

Target and minimize data sets to activate only relevant data and reduce review costs

Maintain ongoing transparency and continual case assessment to optimize matters

Conduct efficient search term, email, metadata, data analysis and filtering functions

Eliminate import, export and review delays with immediate access to data

Access, interact and comprehend vast amounts of data quickly and easily

Gain access to full native files to improve analysis and decision making

Modus 4C

Provides advanced guidance, eliminates downtime associated with import/export function. Makes data analysis & filtering more accessible, accurate, and cost effective.

Coupled with its intuitive visualization, reporting, analytics and filtering features, Modus 4C enables users to interact with vast amounts of information quickly and easily, providing ongoing transparency and continual case assessment.


Cull applicable data to minimize data sets


Capture aggregate data associated to matter


Visualize and interpret business intelligence


Communicate information to multiple teams

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