eDiscovery Production

At Modus, we have the tools and the expertise to support your production project or completely take it off your plate.

As electronically stored information has become more diverse and voluminous, the specificity and complexity of production formats has similarly increased. Today, productions may be required in a variety of formats, including native, PDF, and TIFF, with or without intricate load files, extracted text, and other features. Conforming, precisely and consistently, to mandated production specifications is an essential component of eDiscovery success.

A team of legal and IT experts ready to consult and execute

Proven production process that saves time and keeps costs down

Secure, scalable technology platform

Modus Production Services

Native Production

PDF Production

TIFF Production

Hybrid Production

Custom Load File Creation

Slipsheet/Placeholder Generation

Endorsements and Bates Numbering

Scalable document review teams with extensive legal experience

Build your eDiscovery platform

Modus Data Aggregator™

Modus Data Litigator™

Modus Data Protector™

Get an expert team to quarterback your eDiscovery project

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