Modus Data Moderator™ with AI

Modus Data Moderator™ unmasks all the information that your organization stores, enables tiered storage and indexing of live data, and provides robust data composition analysis powered by AI.

Appraise Data Value

Reduce Risk

Fortify Data Integrity

Your data is expensive... but is it valuable?

It is getting harder to ensure that the right data is being saved in the right place, while keeping retention and security policies in place. Knowing where data is stored and what’s in it is imperative for highly-regulated industries. These issues become even more pronounced when data is able to be accessed remotely, anytime, and from anywhere.

Data Storage Challenges

How much is your data costing you?*

The amount of total storage capacity being used by unstructured data.
0 %
The average yearly cost to store a single TB of file data.
$ 0
Only about 15% of data stored by an organization is mission-critical.
0 %
Unstructured data usually goes stale in 90 days.
0 Days

*Statistics from

We can help you find and store the right data.

Connect to all your data repositories with Modus Data Moderator™ Suite of Information Governance Solutions. We can help you control unstructured data stored in your file shares, instant messaging, email, and collaboration platforms – whether on-premise, on-cloud, or across hybrid systems.

Why choose Modus?

Unlike other SaaS products, Modus is backed by a team of IT and legal specialists equipped to handle your most complicated information governance issues. We aren’t just selling a software, we are creating a partnership. Our team of specialists work side by side with your team to implement and execute Modus Data Moderator™. Prefer we handle it all for you? No problem. Just hand us the keys and we’ll get you where you need to be. 

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