Data Classification

Level up your data management strategy and upgrade your toolbox

Data classification improves decision-making, user productivity, operational resources, and protects sensitive and regulated data stored on-premises and in the cloud.

Data inventory

Modus can provide graphical and customizable reports to help illustrate your current unstructured data inventories by: File extension, Duplicate files, Data age, Data owner, Storage costs, Volume free space, Permission by path, Permission by identity, & more


Modus’s mailbox archiving capabilities ensure 100% retention rate, content and metadata are captured, signed, stored in WORM and fully traced throughout the entire lifecycle for non-repudiation. This creates a permanent, easy-to-search repository of all your data, as well as an audit trail for rigorous, legally-defensible traceability. No size limitations, no back-door deletion.

Defensible Deletion

Unless you plan on keeping information in perpetuity, you will at some point wish to delete information when it is no longer valuable or when the regulatory requirements have been met. A deletion policy is only as good as the procedures to purge all information from the environment and should include audit trails that can validate the destruction.

Modus Solutions for Data Classification

Modus Data Regulator™

Modus Data Moderator™

Modus Data Auditor™

Streamline data search, collaboration and production

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