Modus Announces Data Privacy and Governance Solutions Practice

Launches New Practice to Integrate Information Governance and eDiscovery

Washington D.C., April 21, 2021 /[via XXX news wire]/ — Modus Discovery, Inc (Modus), a trusted partner for law firms, corporations, and government agencies, is proud to announce our new Data Privacy and Governance Solutions. 

“Information Governance and eDiscovery have been dating for a while with no ability to get married.  Protection of legacy revenue, linear thinking, technology lock-in, inability to adjust to changing market realities, and lack of integrated solutions have prevented an effective combination of these powerful forces”.  eDiscovery fits into the larger ecosystems of Information Governance and Data Management.  Relevance, Access, Time, and Cost remain the critical levers for both Information Governance and eDiscovery.  Modus brings “real world” eDiscovery, privacy, and compliance insight & solutions into the world of Information Governance.  We have the people, process, and technology to deliver the critical outcomes customers want: resilient data privacy, effective data compliance, integrated eDiscovery, and significant cost savings.  Too much time and money have been wasted on partially solving larger problems.  I am excited that we now have integrated solutions that make sense and solve real challenges.” per Steven Horan, Chairman and CEO of Modus.  

“To maintain compliance with a growing and ever-changing privacy and cybersecurity landscape, you need a robust suite of tools and an expert team quarterbacking you every step of the way. At Modus, we are a group of legal, cybersecurity, and data management experts with vast experience in a wide array of industries – so we help IT teams to ‘speak legal’, and we can help legal teams to ‘speak IT’…” shares Mike Krafton, Vice President of Data Privacy and Governance at Modus. “Data regulations are already being actively enforced, and without a strategic information governance foundation, it is only a matter of time before an ill-prepared organization gets in trouble. You should note, IG is not a one-and-done project…setting up an information governance program and meeting compliance requirements is an important first step, but it is not the only step. Organizations need a culture strategy to stay ahead of this demanding new world of Data Privacy and Governance.”

Regulatory compliance is an objective that Modus helps our clients to achieve through established best practices designed to address applicable laws, regulations, and standards. Our clients receive a repeatable and documented process to demonstrate their compliance adherence. Modus’s Data Privacy and Governance solutions enable organizations to monitor and search an enterprise landscape, quickly retrieving the information necessary to conduct an inquiry or investigation.  

Modus Data Privacy and Governance solutions are designed to help you:

• Protect your employees, customers, and organization from harmful litigation

• Mitigate risk and provide a secure, facilitated experience with your users

• To build and maintain a trust relationship with all who interact with your brand 

Modus Data Privacy and Governance solutions provide you with:

• The ability to meet your obligations to Data Privacy laws and mandates

• Expertise in data privacy and compliance technologies and processes

• The ability to respond to Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs)

To achieve ultimate control of their enterprise data, organizations must first understand what they have in their environment. Modus Data Privacy and Governance solutions provide this insight through Advisory and Consulting services, Professional and Managed Services, and a suite of technologies that can be installed on-prem or SaaS. Your business. Your data. Your way…just better, with Modus!

Modus brings together people, processes, and technology in concert to help you meet your Compliance and eDiscovery challenges. With decades of hands-on tenure, Modus provides a full-service dynamic platform that adapts our process and pricing to your business. And the new Modus website will serve as a resource for not only clients, but for anyone looking to learn more about executing successful eDiscovery, Data Privacy, and Information Governance initiatives. 

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Press Contact:

Mike Krafton  |  Vice President, Data Privacy and Governance
Modus Discovery, Inc

Main: 1+ (202) 332-5500

Direct:  1+ (847) 224-7877

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