e-Discovery Services

Raw Data, Intelligence Well-Done

Discovering data is only the tip of the iceberg. What really matters is the intelligence you gain from the data you retain. Modus provides a full suite of eDiscovery services to help law firms and corporations plan, discover, interpret, manage and leverage raw data into Discovery Intelligence to help optimize their legal enterprise. Modus eDiscovery services span the entire EDRM, providing clients with hands-on expertise in all areas vital to their businesses.

Modus is partners with Venio Systems and can offer our clients the VenioOne unified eDiscovery software platform. Venio One offers a powerful and scalable solution providing users the ability to process, analyze, review and produce with increased efficiency.

VenioOne allows us to bring all phases of eDiscovery—from processing through production—under one platform. We can make the workflow as streamlined and productive as possible while leveraging VenioOne’s complete unified system, user-friendly interface and its fast and powerful data processing engine.

Early Case Assessment

The success of an eDiscovery project often hinges on the ability to reduce the data set at the early in the process. Such an Early Case Assessment (ECA) ultimately reduces the number of documents that must be processed and reviewed, shortening the project cycle time and minimizing project cost. Modus offers two options for Early Case Assessment: Our proprietary Modus 4CECA Solution and ECA as part of the VenioOne Integrated eDiscovery Platform. Modus 4C is a proprietary Early Case Assessment solution fully integrated into Relativity that provides advanced guidance to make data analysis and filtering more accessible, accurate and cost effective.  An integral part of Modus’ expanded technology ecosystem, Modus 4C enables users to quickly foresee, comprehend and activate relevant data directly to review via a single platform to help minimize time and costs. Modus 4C provides superior accuracy from processing to review, by eliminating downtime typically associated with import and export functions.   Coupled with its intuitive visualization, reporting, analytics and filtering features, Modus 4C enables users to interact with vast amounts of information quickly and easily, providing ongoing transparency and continual case assessment.

Features & Benefits

The 4C's


Capture aggregate data associated to matter


Cull applicable data to minimize data sets


Visualize and interpret business intelligence


Communicate information to multiple teams

Modus 4C also works seamlessly with Modus’ Relativity review environment, Modus Plus, eliminating the need to move data between applications or reprocess materials.

VenioOne is a single-source solution for all phases of E-Discovery: processing, early case assessment, analytics, review and production. Its seamless interface eliminates the risks of moving data between different applications due to VenioOne’s ability to process native files directly.

Venio One’s Unified Early Case Assessment provides substantially lower document review costs. It supports ECA search (Boolean, distributed and/or facets/bread crumb), analytics (near dupe, email threading, activity timeline and email communication analysis) and assisted review.It also provides meet-and-confer reports and the mapping of custodians and data.

Collection and Forensics

The collection of potentially relevant materials – whether physically or electronically stored – is a critical early step in the eDiscovery process. Successful execution of a collection requires the maintenance of both forensic soundness and the chain of custody from source to production, as well as the tools and experience to collect from today’s ever-multiplying range of sources. Modus’ collection services include:

Data Processing

To facilitate hosted review and production, all collected electronically stored information must be processed. Such materials can come in hundreds of different formats, with different properties, different metadata, and potentially, different nested content. Processing finds and expands nested content, captures and organizes metadata, and extracts and normalizes text for review and production. Modus processing services enable you to use our hosted review platform or your own. We’ve built processing templates for all of the leading ECA and review tools to ensure you get pristine loads and fast, accurate and consistent processing no matter which downstream tools you are using. And, we can quickly customize or build a new template to meet your requirements.

Processing Types

Processing Services

eDiscovery Production

As electronically stored information has become more diverse and voluminous, the specificity and complexity of production formats has similarly increased. Today, productions may be required in a variety of formats, including native, PDF, and TIFF, with or without intricate load files, extracted text, and other features. Conforming, precisely and consistently, to mandated production specifications is an essential component of eDiscovery success.

Modus’ production services include:

Data Reporting

From the start of collection through the end of production – and beyond, reporting is an essential eDiscovery tool. By tracking the right metrics, progress can be measured against budgets or deadlines, the efficacy of people and processes can be ascertained, and continuous improvement over time can be facilitated. Modus reporting services include the ability to produce a comprehensive set of twenty-five different reports and analyses across all stages of eDiscovery to provide insight and intelligence throughout the discovery process.  In addition to these standard, proprietary reports, Modus can create customized reporting to meet your specific needs. Categories of available reports that can be provided include:

Beyond just generating reports about various aspects of your project, Modus can also track a wide range of metrics across multiple matters to facilitate data-driven decision-making by your organization in the future.

Categories of metrics that can be tracked for measurement include:

All of Modus reporting services are available to its clients through a web-based portal, giving you immediate access to your real-time data for and across your matters.  You can even schedule reports and automatically generate PDF versions for easy distribution to key decision makers.


Before any collected materials are produced, those materials must be reviewed to separate the responsive from the unresponsive, to screen for privilege and other sensitive content, and to understand the potential legal significance of their content. Modern hosted review software platforms, like kCura’s Relativity, provide extensive feature sets to increase the efficiency and the quality of such work.  Modus’ review service, Modus Plus, is built around kCura’s Relativity.

Modus is recognized as a Best in Service provider by kCura, the makers of Relativity. Relativity Best in Service providers demonstrate their expertise and experience hosting projects in Relativity. The certification process included a thorough customer service evaluation and a series of performance audits of Modus’ technical expertise and environment. We are very proud of this recognition because it serves as a third party validation of our focus on customer service and support, as well as our eDiscovery expertise.

Modus Plus is delivered from one of the world’s largest and most secure data centers to keep all client data safe, secure, and available.  Modus Plus’s environment features:

Also, as noted above, Modus Plus integrates seamlessly with Modus’ ECA solution, Modus 4C, streamlining the two processes, eliminating duplicative data processing and transfer, and allowing for continuous tracking and reporting across ECA and review.

For those customers who prefer, we also support the VenioOne integrated eDiscovery platform, which provides a single database and customizable workflow to efficiency by eliminating importing and exporting among multiple platforms.