Modus Partners with AgileBlue to Announce Modus Data Protector™, for Managed Breach Protection from Cybersecurity Threats


Security threats evolve quickly, and proper investigation and response require people who understand endpoints, networks, cloud applications, and more. Many organizations require a skilled SOC manager, an experienced Security Analyst, a Threat Researcher, Security Architect, Security Analyst, a Cloud Security Architect, etc… This means you need a team that is always learning so they have the right skills when you need them. Unfortunately, the overall talent market has a critical shortage of advanced cybersecurity skills, and there are not enough qualified resources to meet the demand.

“Security is now so embedded and such a critical business component, trying to isolate security from technology solutions is like trying to determine which blade of the scissors is more important. Both are essential. Pro-active detection allows our customers to win a battle many companies and law firms are not equipped to win. It is also difficult to win a battle with no visibility to what your opponent is trying to do. We are bringing to the market our Modus Data Protector™ solution to give our customers the control, confidence, and visibility they need to win, says Steven Horan, Chairman and CEO of Modus.

Cybersecurity is complex and there will always be multiple technologies that need to work together. This requires maintaining technical skills to implement, update, and configure each component and training your staff on new versions and features. If you run your own SOC, you need to manage these vendor relationships, licensing, and training activity. Having 24×7 coverage is no longer optional. It’s a necessity! Leaving an adversary free to plant seeds for hours, days, or weeks makes it infinitely harder to contain and remove threats. The adversary knows they have limited time to do as much damage as possible, as in the case of ransomware, or to set back doors, as in the case of data exfiltration. You have the best chance of recovery if you can investigate and respond within minutes, so a solution that provides around-the-clock coverage is crucial.

“All organizations are in varying levels of maturity when it comes to security, as well as resource limitations needed to address them,” said Mike Krafton, vice president of Data Privacy and Governance at Modus. “but these challenges were magnified when COVID forced many organizations into accelerated cloud adoption. Modus can review their risk posture and tolerance and close the gaps left by these hastened transformations. Add to that the threat of data breaches that disrupt business operations and cause significant damage to an organization’s reputation and finances, especially to businesses that don’t have the resources to build a fully operational Security Operations Center (SOC). Too many organizations assume that endpoint or perimeter security products are sufficient. This classic approach is wildly outdated and ineffective.”

“AgileBlue helps organizations intelligently assess risk, secure and protect sensitive data, and effectively respond to regulatory requirements,” said Tony Pietriccola, President, AgileBlue. “Modus has a long respected history in the legal market, and the fact that they engage legal and IT on a range of security and compliance services including data governance strategies, data privacy solutions, data loss prevention, and cloud security just makes sense to us. With this partnership, AgileBlue is proud to support their ‘Modus Data Protector™’ SOCaaS managed service offering, and excited to augment their advanced security, breach mitigation, and breach response capabilities.”

If budget isn’t an issue AND you have the resource availability to properly focus on building out a 24×7 Security Operations Center, then it may make sense to go that route. If you are constrained on either of those fronts, then Modus suggests that SOCaaS would be a better approach. In summary, Modus Data Protector™ SOCaaS will allow you to:

  • Leverage security insights from other organizations
  • Have predictable spending – no need for surprise budget requests
  • Handle alerts more efficiently and with more predictable results
  • Have the agility and keep pace with your ever-changing organization’s IT demands
  • Enjoy a 24 x 7 x 365 promise to you that includes human-based responses, asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection, behavior monitoring, log management, and cloud-based SIEM

About AgileBlue
AgileBlue is a software company with an innovative SOC-as-a-Service for 24X7 network monitoring, cloud security, data privacy, and compliance. With decades of cybersecurity and engineering experience, the team at AgileBlue developed a modern SOC-as-a-Service platform that protects the company’s critical network infrastructure, cloud, and confidential data. Founded by Joe Marquette and Tony Pietrocola, AgileBlue is a premier 24X7 Autonomous CyberSOC. AgileBlue Leadership also advises company executives and their boards on cyber threats, drafting a cyber strategy, and cyber risk management as a service.

About Modus
Modus Discovery, Inc is a relationship-driven data management company that leverages a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and industry veterans. We’ve been in your shoes – as business leaders, CIOs/CTOs, general counsel, and cybersecurity experts. We know the challenges you are facing because we’ve lived through them ourselves. It is this empathy that drives our commitment to provide you with the most effective solutions and to make each information governance or eDiscovery partnership a stunning success. Modus brings together people, processes, and technology in concert to help clients with compliance and eDiscovery challenges. Our Modus staff has developed their subject matter expertise from decades of hands-on tenure in their related fields, producing proficient and empowered advisors ready to make timely decisions of maximum benefit to our clients and their needs.

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